16th December, 2019

Q + A | procrastination, people pleasing, coping with anger + toxic workplaces.

Hello + happy Tuesday our divine listeners! 

This is our last episode for the year + a festive one at that! 

We answer some of your questions you all so thoughtfully sent through via our instagram @thepsychologysisters and discuss a plethora of issues, from procrastination at Uni, to dealing with anger, to toxic relationships within the workplace + how to deal when you hate letting people down. 

We hope you enjoyed our first season – and we will be back, bigger, badder + nerdier next season. 

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 Christmas can be incredibly lonely and stressful for some, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14 if you need someone to talk to over the break.

Merry Christmas + a Happy New Years from Aimee + Kat