24th February, 2020

LGBTQI | why we need to care about gender + sexuality in 2020

Hello lovely listeners. 

As this weekend is the celebration of our LGBTQIA+  community with Mardi Gras, we thought it was incredibly helpful to unpack all things gender and sexuality, and why it’s so incredible important to know pronouns, acronyms and develop understanding of the LGBTQI community, especially in 2020.

We also discuss ways to be a good ally and support the people in our life who may identify with the LGBTQI community. We also explore how to seek a good therapist if seeking individual support for LGBTQI concerns. 

We also answer a listener question on remaining body positive when surrounded by friends who are not. 

We hope you enjoy!

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Disclaimer: Please note, the content shared in this episode is for general informational purposes only, and should not be used in replacement of personalised psychological support.