Services we offer

We offer online psychological support via Zoom as we find this is secure, convenient and can be accessed by anyone, anywhere and at any time. Whether you need to speak with us after work, or on the weekend, we offer convenient time slots to ensure you receive support without having to miss out on work, family time or fun time.

Please note: the Australian Psychological Society recommends a fee for registered psychologists to deliver psychological services at a minimum of $251 per hour. The Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia recommends a fee for registered counsellors and psychotherapists to deliver psychological services at $150 per hour. However, our philosophy is that everybody has the right to access affordable professional mental health treatment which is why we offer affordable rates. 


Complimentary meet and greet sessions

(5-10 minutes)

We understand taking the first step in getting support can be daunting and we want to ease some of the normal nerves in getting started. If you’re not sure whether online psychological support is for you, then we offer a complimentary meet and greet so you can get to know each other. This is an opportunity for you to ask any questions, for us to share what we’re all about, and you can tell us a little about you. There is no obligation to continue further.


Check-in sessions

$75 per session (30 minutes)

Perhaps you lead a busy life or don’t need to commit to an hour session,  our check-in sessions can provide convenient  and time efficient support when it suits you. Please note, these sessions may not be suitable to everyone and we recommended longer sessions so we have enough time to assess your needs.


Psychological support

$145 per session (50 minutes)

Our highly recommended 50 minutes sessions allow us enough time to understand your history, your current situation and allows ample opportunity to ensure we are able to provide in-depth support to you. In our longer sessions, we will assess your needs and create individualised goals for therapy. We highly recommend these sessions for first time clients to allow appropriate assessment time.


Couples Therapy

$175 per session (50 minutes)

Feel like your relationship could benefit from a tune up? Or feeling stuck on how to resolve conflict with your partner? Whether you have reached a crisis in your relationship or you feel like spicing up your sex life, our couples therapy provides convenient online support for couples to assist in working through your goals in the relationship.