16th March, 2020

Radical self-acceptance + how to stop hating your body

Please note the content shared in this ep is not personalised and does not replace personalised advice from a mental health or health professional  This episode does discuss disordered eating and self-harm, and may be triggering for some. 

Hello everyone!

This episode has been a very highly requested episode from you guys, we are talking about a 2020 glow up on our bodies and the radical self-acceptance we encourage you guys to try this year.

We talk alllllll things body positivity, body acceptance and ways to love your body, we delve into where low self-esteem and body confidence can come from, what messages we are constantly sent and why we unconsciously continue to accept them. We discuss automatic negative thoughts and why it’s important to tune into these to turn into neutral and positive statements

We also discuss whether plastic/cosmetic surgery + body acceptance can co-exist, and in the Fast and the Curious we discuss whether large corporations should be responsible for the messages they send their audiences and whether their narrative of body positivity is completely innocent.

We also answer a listener question on whether you are able to go on a diet healthily without developing disordered eating behaviours + cognitions.

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