11th May, 2020

Stressed or anxious? Try this Progressive Muscle Relaxation exercise

Feel like you’ve got 1000 tabs open? Feel like days are flying by, you drive to work and have no idea how you got there? Do you feel like you’re there physically, but mentally you’re off on a far away island? 

We feel you! 

We’re in an extremely stressful climate, and there’s no better time to focus on being more mindful and in the present, and less mindless and far away. 

To celebrate #mentalhealthawarenessmonth this May, we have decided to take you guys through a mindfulness exercise we use consistently with our clients to decrease feelings of anxiety, stress, depression, overwhelm and mindlessness. Backed by neuroscience, mindfulness exercises are an incredibly effective way to treat a plethora of psychological + somatic concerns. 

Listen to Aimee’s soothing voice to take you through Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR). Not as clinical as it sounds, we promise! It is essentially tensing and releasing each muscle to deliver a feeling of feeling more grounded, calm and mindful. 

If you want to go straight to the exercise, please skip to 11:07 minutes. 

Please consult a doctor if you have an injury before completing any PMR exercise. 

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Aimee + Kat