17th February, 2020

The science of heartbreak | how to heal a broken heart

Ahhh yes, heartbreak. 

The gut-wrenching, heart-exploding, stomach-dropping feeling that is heartbreak. Your heart feels like it’s been ripped out of your chest and you just want to crawl into a hole and live there forever. 

In this episode we divulge the scientific, evolutionary and psychological response to heart break, and why it hits us SO hard, and why our physiological responses are slowing down the process of moving on. 

We propose a self- healing toolkit + scientifically proven strategies to help with the recovery process, involving a whole lotta netflix, chocolate and burning of clothes.

We also introduce our new segment, The Fast and The Curious where we break down the latest and important news stories of the week, this week it’s the moral minefield and the total disregard of the duty of care of Married at First Sight’s ‘relationship experts’. 

We also answer our listener q + a’s on boundaries with an ex, and supporting a friend who keeps going back to THAT person. 

We hope you enjoy this weeks episode! 

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